Stories behind the Art

Available sizes - This website is a bit restrictive on what sizes I can add. All artwork is available at any size, prices obviously vary. I can have nay piece produced at the vertical or horizontal measurement you choose with the other measurement being proportional to the artwork. Please send me an email if you are interested. Also, […]
Harold’s - As a kid I sat in the car with my parents down the street from the IGA and watched it burn. It burned down and was rebuilt twice back then which fueled many a rumor as to the cause and possible motives of the fires. I remember the day in high school when I heard […]
Hostages - This is an 18″ x 24″ acrylic painting I did using a technique I saw demonstrated by Mel McCuddin. I love his work and I hope he doesn’t mind me giving his technique a whirl. To be perfectly honest, I’m still debating on how to price originals, so make me an offer.
Liberty and Justice for All - This artwork is three separate panels each panel being approximately 3′ x 4′. The portraits are done in charcoal on reclaimed cardboard. The frames are also reclaimed cardboard done in paper mache. The zip code on each portrait represents a location where an unarmed person was killed by police, these being Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island, […]
Railroad Depot - When we were kids we would ride our bikes across what is now the Coldwater Creek Bridge and cut across the tracks by the depot on our way to City Beach to go swimming. Sometimes we would stop and go inside the depot and look around and use the bathroom but there was never too […]
The Granary - As a kid I remember going to the granary with my mom to pick up feed for the cows and chickens we had at home. It was probably the tallest building in town and for me it was the closest thing to a skyscraper I knew. I always wanted to explore that big building but […]
The Hoot Owl - Back in the day the Hoot Owl used to stay open until very late at night. At the time, there was a bar next door called the Cowgirl Corral. Often, after a long night of drinking and striking out at the Cowgirl, my buddies and I would go next door to the Hoot Owl for […]
The Storm - I was born and raised in Sandpoint and as a kid I didnt realize how fortunate I was. Like most teenagers who grow up in Sandpoint, I was anxious to put some distance between myself and the Long Bridge. I guess I just assumed everywhere looked like Sandpoint. I think my light bulb moment came […]